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Custom Intro

Call Me's default introduction message is replaced by your own custom introduction message. You can record your message via the phone a ".wav" file.

Transfer Calls

When your customers receive notifications, they can automatically transfer back to your company without having to dial a number. You can prompt your customer with a message like "If you would like to speak to a representative press1 now."

Caller ID

You can choose any phone number you wish or no phone number to appear in your customer's caller id box when they receive your notification calls. This feature is optional and can be configured in your account preferences.

Call Retries

The Group Calls system will make up to 3 attempts to connect with each customer to help insure your calls are answered.

Import Contacts

You can use Call Me's Group Call service to enter you contacts via the "Manage Contacts" web form. However, if you have a large call distribution list of contacts, you can import them by uploading (comma separated) Excel ".csv" files or through your Microsoft Outlook with the Outlook Plugin for Call Me

Answering Machine Detection

The Call Me Group Calls system automatically determines if an answering machine picks up the notification call. The system provides you with the option to leave the information on your customer's answering machine or not.

Immediate Response

Your customers receive time sensitive information that you provide via a personalized text message or audio file. Once your customers receive your call they can give an immediate response to the question asked in your text or audio message. You can view your customer's response via web pages.




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