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Frequently Asked Questions  

1. I need to call over 100 people can you handle that volume?

Yes! We can handle tens of thousands of calls without a problem, please contact support for our discounted bulk prices!

2. Am I able to import a list of phone numbers rather than one at a time?

Yes, our number import tool lets you upload a list of phone numbers making calling large numbers of people very easy.


Why group call when I can purchase my own dialer?

Group Call will save you the heavy investment needed to purchase a technologically advanced dialer system. It will eliminate the need to maintain the equipment and set up the abundant phone lines. We offer you our dialer service where you only pay for the calls you use, not the hardware.

Furthermore, uses an advanced technology which is highly successful in detecting answering machines and leaving complete voice messages after the beep. An important feature not easily found on standard dialers.


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