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Wake Up Calls- FAQ  

What different greetings are available for my wake up calls?
You have the ability to choose one of our pre-recorded wake up greetings in either a male or female voice. Or, you can use one of our special add-ons like daily local weather reports, top news headlines, joke of the day, psalm of the day, quote of the day, and fun fact of the day. You can also choose between a male and female voice for those options as well. In the near future we'll also be adding many new options as well!


How does the snooze/call back feature work?
You have ability to choose between 1, 3, and 5 snooze calls. If you elect to use our snooze service, we will place your initial wake up call and will continue to call you back in 5 minute intervals until either a) you pick up the phone and press 1 to confirm you are awake, or b) your remaining snoozes have run out.


How do I change my wake up call times and/or dates?
All members of Call Me have access to an online control panel where they can make modifications or add/remove calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.







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