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My Life Organizer

This is your special area where in a click of a button you can set up your wake up
calls, reminder calls, group calls, and care calls.

This easy to use organizer will help even the most chaotic schedules become much more manageable. In "My Life Organizer" you can:

•  Schedule reoccurring Wake Up Calls

•  Schedule one time Wake Up Calls (separate from your normal routine)

•  Schedule Reminder Calls

•  Send out Notifications

•  Send out invitations

•  Send a loved one a Care Call

•  Manage your minutes

•  Manage your phone number list ( will even follow you where ever you go)

•  And so much more..

What's best is that it's so easy to use! Just enter in your life events just like you would on a calendar or agenda book into the correct time slot, select the number(s)
to call, set reoccurring or one time, upload message, and presto you're done.
You'll be done quicker than you can say " hippopotomonstrosesquippediliophobia".

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself. See how much fun you can have by
taking a load off your day. You already have so much to do, so why stress out about remembering it all!



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